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I'm not a big shot promoter, I work 40 hours a week just like every other working stiff, but I dig unicycles. We haven't made any money off these events. If we ever do we will probably take ourselves and some of our volunteers out to dinner. We are busy people. But we try to be at pretty much every event we can that has a neutral theme. I'm the short funny looking old guy off the back on one wheel just trying to finish. So next time you see me at an event stop by and say hi, or better yet share a moment and we'll talk unicycles, mountain unicycling (muni), unicycle commuting, distance unicycling, endurance unicycle rides, juggling while unicycling.

Joe Myers    
Bellingham, Washington USA
bungeejoe unicycle

2009 Silver Lake Time Trail
 Joe Myers at the 2009 Silver Lake Time Trial
 43" Semcycle, 152mm cranks, Shimano SPD clipless pedals