Joe and Lana Myers are the primary contributing partners of We are not big shot promoters making lots of money off sponsors, entrants, advertisers, or users of this site.

Joe rides unicycles a lot. For more than a decade several thousand miles each year have passed under Joe with him on various types and sizes of unicycles. He commutes year around to work unicycling in what ever weather comes through Bellingham, Washington. If you are in Bellingham you might catch glimpses of Joe on one of his unicycle commutes, training rides or just having fun and notice him juggling. Juggling while unicycling is just part of his normal routine.

You might also see Joe mountain unicycling (Muni) on one of the local trails or at events. He does several rides and events with a neutral theme through out the year. Yes, look for a short funny looking old guy off the back on one wheel just trying to finish. It might be Joe Myers. So stop by and say hello the next time you see him at an event. Or maybe share a moment and he might talk unicycles, mountain unicycling (Muni), unicycle commuting, distance unicycling, endurance unicycle rides or touring with him.

Lana puts in a lot of effort and time supporting Joe and   As her injuries allow she might get back to conquering the use of a single wheel. But currently she is trying to find satisfaction while enjoying the use of the training wheel. She has been battling the troublesome trail of recovery from cheating death on a mountain bike. Please offer some gentle assistance if you should find her overwhelmed alongside the trail of life somewhere.

We haven’t made any money off these events. If we ever do turn up with a little extra cash we will probably take ourselves and some of our volunteers out to dinner. We are busy people. But we like to enjoy a little balanced fun. So come join us some time soon.

We offer our thanks to those who contribute and assist us. Your ideas, help, and contributions to and any of our rides or events are always welcome. If you wish to remain anonymous or choose to be listed we will strive to be grateful.

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Joe & Lana Myers
Bellingham, Washington USA
(36zero) 3zero5-four557
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Joe at 2015 Beezley Burn

Joe at 2015 Beezley Burn

Joe at Bellingham Muni Weekend 2015

Joe at Bellingham Muni Weekend 2015